Cat Care
The Five Most Important Cat Care Tips

The Five Most Important Cat Care Tips

If you think cat care involves feeding the cat and making sure that the cat is safe and comfortable, you are sadly mistaken. Cat care is a more intricate and specialized science than you probably think. There are a number of parts of the cat’s body that must be attended to carefully and taken care of properly. Understanding what those parts are and how to take care of them is necessary in order to ensure your cat’s long life.

It would be easy for someone who loves cats to fall into the trap of the cat food industry. The food industry is well-known for its focus on profit, its reliance on selling consumer dollars to the highest bidder, and the glitzy ads they plaster across newspapers, magazines, and billboards. Cats are cute, even lovable, but cats need proper care in order to remain healthy. Of course, any good cat owner will tell you that cats don’t eat cat food, but for the sake of this article, let’s say that cats do eat cat food. That makes it sound like cat food is all they eat.

So, what are the parts of the cat that require the care of a cat owner? Just like humans, cats have different parts that need to be cared for in order to maintain their health. But, as far as care tips go, cat care tips can be broken down into five categories: diet, grooming, health, toys, and skin/furs. I’ll cover only the best ways to care for each category, so I’ll go over each one separately. Let’s start with your diet.

First, no pet cat food is safe! Keep in mind that many of the pet foods on the market contain artificial ingredients and preservatives. They don’t contain anything useful for your cat, so they are all poisonous. And there are more pet foods than ever before, being developed to look and taste like cat food. Pet food manufacturers to make money by selling cat food to pet owners, not by providing cat food to their pets. So, consider switching to a better cat food if your pet eats cat food.

Cats love to have time to play, so give them toys. What they play with matters. Many people fail to realize that a kitty’s toys are not just for entertainment purposes, but they are also educational and enriching experiences for the cat.

Next, one of the best cat care tips I can give you is to keep your cat dry. Cats have thicker skin than humans do, which means that they perspire a lot more than humans do. Cats sleep all day, and they rest during the night. If your cat is constantly wet and feels uncomfortable, it’s probably because he’s wet.

Next, bathe your cat every day. This may seem strange to you because cats are supposed to “go to the bathroom when they feel like it.” But, they do. This is a natural cat behavior and you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t bathe your cat more than once or twice a week, if at all. If you find yourself going too often, consult your vet for advice.

Cats enjoy playing. Whether it’s jumping on their owners, or simply digging around in their laps, cats like to play. They will also eat their toys when they are hungry. Playtime is great for grooming. Make sure your cat has a scratching post to scratch on, or keep his claws trimmed. In addition, brush your cat’s nails to help make his fur shinier and help him shed less.

Skin/furs are very important for cats. Their skin is dense and cool, helping to insulate them from the cold. But, their fur is warm and cushioned, helping to keep the cat warm. If you live in an area where winters are harsh, your cat will thank you for the comfort of his fur.

Finally, one of the best cat care tips I can give you is to make sure that you keep your cat happy and well-fed. You can do this through litter training, socialization, grooming, and even teaching your cat how to clean his fur.

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