In recent years we have seen more and more owners using harnesses instead of collars for their dogs. Go to choose the best harness for small dogs.

However, you still need to be able to find the perfect one for your dog, so that it is safe especially when you take it to passage. This way you will be sure that the dog cannot pull it off and that it is not too tight and allows the neck to relax.

This is the tool that, in principle, as we will see, holds the dog by holding it by the belly and shoulders. It allows us to walk the dog and keep it close to us without danger of escape.

But finding the ideal harness for Fido is certainly not a simple thing, in this article we will describe the different types of harnesses and we will help you choose the one that best suits your dog and the needs of both.

Better harness or collar?

Today there are many dog ​​owners who choose to buy a harness to replace the classic collar. Obviously, the reasons for this choice are varied, often it also depends on the size, harnesses for small dogs are very popular because they are suitable for small dogs. This is due to the fact that the dog prefers to walk with the harness rather than with the collar as it has more freedom of movement.

There are various reasons that lead man to prefer the harness rather than the collar, however, it also has disadvantages.

In this article we aim to illustrate both the positive and negative aspects of the harness, so that you can choose this product with awareness and know if it is the most suitable for your dog.

It is usually used for very lively dogs that may also tend to pull while walking with them. It is also suitable for more agitated dogs so that the owner will have more ease in handling it.

It also gives the dog the feeling of being freer as it does not constrict the throat and therefore avoids choking problems especially for those dogs suffering from respiratory problems. It is also ideal for those dogs with particularly small physicality, such as dachshunds.

At the same time, we must keep in mind that the harness is not a tool that can help us teach our dog not to pull, in fact as soon as the dog gets used to it, it will start pulling again. They are also obviously more complicated to wear than a normal collar, especially for larger or particularly lively dogs.

The harness can also have a counterproductive effect on certain breeds. For example, a breed that has the instinct to pull, like the Husky, might interpret the harness as an invitation to pull rather than give up.

Choice of harness

I would be wondering: how can I make the right choice if there are many types of harnesses available on the market (zooplus, arcaplanet, amazon, ebay) ? Let’s see the different types for a right choice.

When choosing the harness we must consider the nature of our dog as well as its breed and choose if it is preferable to adopt the same instead of the collar.

Clearly there are first the functional characteristics to take into consideration, then you can think about the aesthetic ones such as color, material and any accessories.

Let’s not forget that not all harnesses are the same. Roughly we can distinguish two types: one tends to tighten the front part of the dog, including the paws, and is more uncomfortable for the animal, or one that tightens the dog on the chest and trunk. There is also a third, rarer type which associates the previous two.

Sizes of dog harnesses

The types of dog harnesses that are on the market are available in all sizes and are also adjustable, so they can fit perfectly to all sizes.

Harnesses for small dogs must be soft and light, because otherwise you risk making the dog too heavy, ruining his coat and irritating his skin.

Instead, as regards harnesses for medium-sized dogs, it is possible to buy them in various materials, but you must pay attention to the size and strength of the dog. If it is a molossoid, for example, it is always better to opt for more resistant materials such as reinforced nylon. The same goes for harnesses for large dogs, always choose good and resistant materials.

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